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Things To Consider While Buying Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

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If you are looking for any precision cutting machine for metallic materials then fibre laser cutting machines will be the ultimate choice. By using this high-power fibre-optic laser source that starts from 500W, there are machines available up to 12kW.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine are used for cutting mild steel and stainless steel of 25 mm thickness and aluminium of 15mm thickness. This fibre laser cutting machines can also process any other non-ferrous materials e.g., copper and brass and are available in different bed sizes.

In metal sheet cutting, fibre laser has a faster speed, especially when cutting thinner metal sheets under 10mm. Fibre laser cutting machines have lower operating costs and electricity consumption than typical CO₂ laser cutting machines.

In addition, the technical abilities necessary for operators of fibre laser cutting machines are fewer than those required for CO₂ laser cutting machines.

How to select fibre laser cutting machine?

  1. Consider your production needs

Firstly, and also most importantly, you must comprehensively consider your actual production needs. When you choose any metal cutting laser machine, then you must clearly understand the following few points:

    • What kind of materials can your selected model cut?

    • What will be the maximum cutting thickness?

    • Whether the cutting size enough for the materials to cut?

    • Whether the productivity meets your requirements?

  • Check the precision, cutting speed, and effect of your laser cutting machine

To check this, it will be better to ask your manufacturer to produce a sample with the machines that they built and demonstrate how they can cut your items that you are going to use.

  1. Whether the manufacturer of laser cutting machines is qualified?

Also, you can inspect the plant right there on the spot to make sure. It would be beneficial if you choose a dependable and responsible manufacturer. Users can be assured of subsequent service and quality assurance in this way.

You will certainly run into issues when using the fibre laser cutting equipment, thus excellent after-sales service is essential.

Picking machinery and equipment with outstanding performance, higher stability, and also high-quality after-sales service is preferable to choosing a machine with low costs and no after-sales warranty.

A responsible and professional manufacturer can give users excellent and ongoing support, alleviating users' concerns during the machine's operation.

  1. The performance stability of your metal laser cutting machine

The dependability of your machine can be determined by the overall quality of the setup, which comprises the fibre laser source, axial motion system, laser cutting system, and auxiliary gas system, among other components.

To ensure the reliability of your machine, each module must employ a stable and mature brand on the market. Furthermore, the production and assembly levels of the manufacturer are equally significant.

Assume the user selects a certain high-quality module, but the manufacturing capability of the manufacturer is insufficient. In that instance, the performance of machine will suffer as well.

Thus, you can see, there are numerous aspects to consider when purchasing a fibre laser cutting equipment.

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