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Quanrui CNC laser cutting machine successfully entered the Middle East market

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On April 8, 2019, two UAE customers visited Quanrui Technology Development Co., Ltd. and inspected our CNC laser cutting machine. Our salesman first showed the customer around the factory. We firmly believe that the clean factory environment and warm welcome will leave a deep impression on our customers!

During the visit, our sales representatives and engineers were able to answer many questions about the CNC laser cutting machine with their professional knowledge. In addition, our technicians will personally demonstrate its operation, so that customers can see more intuitive CNC laser cutting machine is how to operate!

We attach great importance to each potential customer. In order to provide good service to each customer and make them feel at home, and eliminate worries at home, we will try our best to arrange each customer well. For example, in terms of diet, our company provides mineral water, coffee and tea for customers to choose. We will also choose appropriate restaurants for customers according to their eating habits. Our company is located in the busy street, the facilities here will meet your requirements, accommodation, will be booked in advance for their comfortable hotel.

About the machine, we will confirm every detail in advance, so as to smoothly show the normal working state of CNC laser cutting machine for the customer, not to waste the customer's precious time! Nanjing Quanrui technological Development Co., LTD. High quality machines and warm service to bring you a good experience!

Nanjing quanrui technological development co., LTD. was founded in 2000, is a professional manufacturer in the national machinery industry, specializing in the production of "QR" brand series CNC V grooving machine, CNC fiber laser cutting machine.




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