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Indian guests are reaping the rewards of their all-powerful trip - laser welding machines

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On August 6, 2018, Quan Rui welcomed a guest from India to visit and examine our laser welding machine.

The customer said that the purpose of this visit is mainly to investigate the performance of the machine, quality and sample situation, for this reason, our salesman first took the customer to visit the factory, and arranged a special technician to operate the demonstration for the customer, so that the customer can see more visually the operation of the laser welding machine.

The company's sales representatives and engineers all gave professional and detailed answers to customers' questions during the investigation. Their rich professional knowledge and complete elaboration left a deep impression on customers and won high praise from customers.

Subsequently, the salesman had a detailed discussion with the customer in the conference room. The customer said that he gained a lot from the investigation. He not only got a close understanding of the operation of the machine, but also saw the overall working atmosphere and staff style of our company.

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