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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Close Type Laser Cutting Machine With Exchange Table

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Product Description

Equipment name

Close type laser cutting machine with exchange table

Laser power


Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser wavelength


Z-axis stroke


positioning accuracy


Repeated positioning accuracy


Power demand


Cooling mode


Operating temperature of machine tool


Operating humidity of machine tool


Boundary dimension


Processing size selection


Performance Characteristics

Long men bilateral drive, close and open good man-machine

The programmable zoom function for High Speed Puncture

The intelligent expert system of perforation

The high speed cutting plate

The common cutting function, improve material utilization and efficiency

The process database, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation

The high electro-optical conversion rate, laser gas consumption, low cost, small occupied area

The automatic exchange table

Application Area

We can cut a variety of metal plates and pipes, mainly applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized plate, fast cutting all kinds of alloy, rare metals and other materials They are widely used in household appliances, sheet metal chassis machine frame, the machine frame equipment, lighting accessories, advertising signs, display equipment, auto parts, metal products, metal cutting processing industries

Sheet--metal-working Crate-and-Cabinet Shipbulding-Industry Automobile-Making

Sheet -metal working 

The introduction of laser cutting technology in Sheet -metal working field makes the sheet metal industry develop rapidly.flexible production capacity,process design ability,precise processing and manufacturing ability of laser cutting machine can fully meet the requirements of multy-variety ,multi-batch,small batch ,non-standard and high-precision during the panel beating process .Meanwhile,the application of laser cutting machine makes the sheet metal forming at a time,welding and assembling directly during the process of panel beating .therefore,it is not only reduce the procedures and duration,but also promote the operating environment optimization,cut down the mold invest and production costs effectively.

Crate and Cabinet

The characteristics of small batch ,multy-variety and flexibility during the processing of carte and cabinet,which makes the requirements on machining quality and processing accuracy are getting higher and higher.With the application of laster cutting machine,it can be easily cutting different shape and size ,forming at a time without mould,and avoiding the secondary processing,but with high machining accuracy and qualified product quality.In addition,the laser cutting machine adopts the automatic operation mode,can process various complex structures,expeiting cutting speed.

Shipbulding Industry

1.The ship needs to adopt very thin flat plate with the increasing of ship's carrying capcity, and the laser cutting avoids the thermal influence during processing .

2.The laser adopt flexible output methods,(such as optical fiber)therefore,the processing of large-surface-size workpieces(such as decks and hulls ) can be unaffected by the size of the table

3.The laser cutting machine greatly reduces shipbuilding cost and time,which is based on its fast cutting speed,smooth cutting edge and highly automation.

Automobile Making 

As the most advanced productivity,laser technology has been widely used in 60% of the production and processing of auto parts.The involvement of the laser technology is not only reduce labor costs,but also adopt standardized and normalized operating processes to meet the coming of the industrial 4.0.Therefore,laser technology is not only the basis of intelligent manufacturing,but also the premise condition to realize the combination between intelligent manufacturing and digital factory.

Main Feature

● Closed processed environment, anti-dust, anti-smoke, safety and environment-friendly.

● Entriely heavy antry atructure machine body, high strength aluminum-casted gantry, good rigidity, stable performance.

● Improted high precision transmission device which is perfectly work with Servo system, thus it can make sure cutting precision and effciency.

● Professional laser cutting CNC system. Automatically track edge and lay out material. Improve the efficiency of metal utilization and production.

● Optional high speed exchangeable table, simplify work process and save time.


High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion

High quality steel plate and pipe welded into the shaped frame structure welding Tempering treatment Large gantry milling machine precision machining

Laser Cutting Head


All the famous brands are at your disposal

1.Precise focus adjustment with high seal, high speed capacitive sensing cutting spacing with a minimum of 0.1mm, improving cutting performance and reducing gas consumption.

2.Automatic focusing head. Through setting parameters, the focus speed can be flexibly adjusted without manual adjustment

3.High efficiency, modular design, high precision, simple maintenance, completely sealed structure and dust proof.

4. High pressure and low pressure cutting, with non-contact height automatic tracking system.

Exchange Table


The sheet workpiece can be loaded and down loaded at the same time as the cutting process

Control cabinet


1.Adopt the special NUMERICAL control system of Shanghai Cypcut optical fiber laser cutting machine based on Windows operating system, integrate the special function module of laser cutting control, with powerful functions, good human-machine interface and simple operation

2.Efficient and stable programming and control system, easy to learn and user-friendly, compatible with various drawing formats

3. Support common editing and typesetting functions/optical fiber laser cutting system, including laser cutting processing, common layout functions and laser processing control.

4.It adopts cypcut high-performance non-contact capacitive sensor, which can withstand gas pressure ≥2.5MPa, and has higher tracking accuracy and stability in the process of cutting stainless steel plate. At the same time, the filmed stainless steel plate can be directly cut.

Transmission and Precision



Quanrui fiber laser cutting machine adopts international famous brands, such as Taiwan HIWIN guide rail & YYC rack, Japanese YASKAWA servo motor motor & America HONEYWELL reducer, which guarantees high running speed, acceleration, accuracy and stability.




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